I've always been one to search and dig and at first my digging was geared towards unlocking secrets, prophecies, and parables in the Bible. In 1999 a friend of mine's sister gave us this book written by Dr. Dennis Cuddy called "Secret Records Revealed." Anyone who read this book could look around and see that something WAS rotten in Denmark.

In this book the author rarely interjected his own thoughts simply letting the elite expose themselves with their own words in many different publications in all aspects of society. When Alex Jones says it's documented, this is no exaggeration; The elite publish what they are going to do before they do it and as Pastor Lindsey Williams said, "It's part of their 'moral code' to do so."

The one thing that launched me out of my seat into the world of researching the NWO on a daily basis came while I was driving over the road in the eastern 38 states. Any truck driver knows that when you are driving late at night, Coast to Coast is a must have on your radio dial.

George Noory was having a round table discussion one evening with Alex Jones and 2 other guests when all of a sudden Alex blurts out, "The power elite want to reduce the population by 80%!" After I picked up my jaw from the floor I told myself it's time to find info on what these guys are saying. As I said I was already primed from my previous reading so it was not too hard for me to swallow.

I had a delivery at a Home Depot somewhere in Ohio and I pulled in early but to my delight there, across the mall parking lot, was one of those giant book store chains. I jetted over there and found David Icke's "Alice in Wonderland: Why 9/11......."

It was while reading this book that 9/11 was beginning to look shady to me. So much so that it exposed something very interesting to me and since then i have posted my account of 9/11 several times but really only got one reaction.

It has to do with me and the morning of 9/11, and after my research of the powers that be it makes total sense what happened.

On the morning of 9/11 I was sitting in the parking lot of the cabinet shop I worked at in Macheseny Park, IL listening to WXRX, the local classic rock station out of Rockford, IL. It was about 7:20 a.m. central standard time which is 8:20 a.m. eastern time when the DJ came on the air and stated, " It has been reported that a small plane has hit one of the towers in NYC....." Remember it was 7:20 a.m central and 8:20 eastern time.

It was while reading a section in David Icke's book that he was showing the timeline of the tragedy when I was jolted, realizing this can't be correct. He documented that the first plane hit the north tower at 8:44 eastern standard time and I said to myself he is either wrong or they sent it out on the wire before it happened. Further research revealed the official time of the impact of the first plane was 8:44 eastern standard time. 24 minutes after the report I heard on WXRX.

We started work every day at 7:30 central time so I know I was sitting in my truck about 10 minutes before hand, as I said, sipping my coffee and listening to this news bulletin on WXRX.

The one response I did get when posting my experience in blogs tried to tell me that my memory of that morning could have been off because of the tragedy of the day. But there is no way that can be true and here is why.

Say my memory is off and I actually heard the DJ say that on my break period at say 9:30 central time. This would be 10:30 eastern time AFTER the 2 towers already collapsed! The DJ most certainly at that late a time in the attack would not be reporting that a small plane hit one of the towers. Everyone already knew the towers had collapsed.

They sent this news out on the wire 25 minutes before it happened in my opinion, to get as many people as possible to their television sets as they could, to witness the second plane hit the south tower.

The most sickening psychological operation in the history of the United States of America. And as I said of my previous readings how the elite publish what they will do before they do it, it made my memory of that morning that much more concrete.- Michael

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